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Situasi - Bunkface (Insomniacks Cover)

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HELLO HELLO A WHILE IT HAS BEEN! So it's 2018 and we think it's about time we try to make a comeback here on YouTube. Ok, we know it's been like 6 months (and we're sorry for that), but this time we're gonna really try to be at least a little more consistent.. (no promises). We've got quite a few covers lined up so look forward to that ya'll! In the mean time, hope you guys enjoy a cover of one of our favourite songs to perform from one of our music inspirations. ^.^ - isk

and btw thanks for stickin with us


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syed mir: https://twitter.com/IqieMer... , ig @iqie
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gavin: https://twitter.com/gav27_ , ig @gav27_
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