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NAIVE 7.26.19

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It is no longer impressive to me,
To watch these melancholy documentaries,
That expose behind the things we buy we love or eat,
Is a bunch of shitty people run by money, sex, and greed.

I’m not impressed with the focus though what they say it might be true,
We ignore the beauty of the forest obsessing on low hanging fruit.

What about my soul?
What about this life?
What about the infinite space in the sky?
What about galaxies of possibilities swimming in my daughter’s eyes?
I’ve been labeled positive, optimistic, the guy who makes the happy music,
And while I’m flattered with these words come with an aftertaste of stupid.

As if smart people are the ones who used to smile but learned their lesson.
As if the scientific truth of reality is that it’s depressing,
I don’t agree.

So if it’s stupid to see, the good in everything,
Then yeah, call me Naive.


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