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Kasmaran (Jaz) Keroncong Version Cover by Keroncong Malang Utara

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Being traditional is not the same as being tacky, because not all of old traditions have a significant gap with modernity. Here the ethnic keroncong group from Indonesia, Keroncong Malang Utara (KMU), comes as a manifestation that relate the worth of tradition and the freshness of today's youth.

Keroncong, as you see, consists of unique instruments: the ukuleles ("Cuk", the male voice ukulele, and "Cak", the female one), the picked 3 strings Cello, and the Bass Guitar. Those instruments produce the main Keroncong Rhythms. Meanwhile the Flute, Violin, and the Melodic Guitar are the leads for the song. Each of the player play their own pattern but they are still in one harmonization. The Keroncong Singer also has a special techniques of producing vocals and Keroncong style of singing.

In this Video, Keroncong Malang Utara brings an Indonesian popular song "Kasmaran" by Jaz Hayat.
Location: Lembah Tumpang Resort, Malang, East Java, Indonesia
Videographer and Editing: Darius Cordova
Music Director, Audio Mixing and Mastering by: Abi RV


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